High-energy, intention-driven fitness classes to inspire, motivate & strengthen people out of struggle.

Why Fitness Classes?

Because no one is hopeless, and we believe that fitness can help the struggling rediscover their fight.

We inspire hope in the struggling by helping every participant unleash their strong during the workout, proving to them that they are capable of fighting for their lives.

Through the physical challenge of our Strong Inside Out Workout, we believe that we can help the struggling unleash their strong in- and outside of the gym. In turn, we believe that they will inspire others to do the same.

Fitness taught instructor Amy Clover that when she fought for her health physically, she felt stronger emotionally as well. In fact, fitness was the key to Amy's rise from the depths of depression and anxiety. As she started developing a regimen, she felt she could take on more without crumbling under the weight of it.

Turns out, she wasn’t the only one.

Exercise has been proven to lessen the effects of depression, stress, anxiety and a host of other setbacks many of us have been sentenced with for life.

Amy refused to accept her life sentence, and now she's fighting to show you that you’re worth fighting for, too.

The Strong Inside Out Workout

Amy at bootcamp-credit Caleb.jpg

A fun, yet intense 45-minute full-body workout to get you stronger inside and out.

This HIIT-based workout is Amy's own unique combination of bodyweight moves designed in a class-style format.

Focusing on empowering messages and encouragement throughout, this workout strengthens the mind as well as the body.

The workout pulls from all sorts of exercise modalities to create a cardio-strength blend that’s sure to leave you sweaty, spent and ready to fight for your life.

Amy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. After years in the fitness space, she found that HIIT workouts are a great way to relieve stress, get stronger and get your workout in even with a busy schedule.

We’ll start the class with 5 minutes of stretching, then jump right into 30 minutes of high intensity cardio and strength. No muscle will be left behind today- you’re getting a full-body workout! You’ll be sweating and cheering the whole way through as I work it out right alongside you. When you’re too spent to stand, we’ll hit up your core for 5 shaky minutes, then stretch and cool down for the final 5 minutes.

Come on out and give it a shot! Your body and spirit will thank you.

The Ongoing Program That Listens To YOU

Donations for this year’s tour go further than just travel expenses. This year, we’re revolutionizing the way people get fit by tailoring programs to mindsets.

In addition to taking this tour on the road with the money I raise during our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, we've created a track-based online platform to help motivate and guide you to strengthen your body and your mind.

Like a choose-your-adventure program, you’ll decide what track you want to go on depending on your state of mind. Each track includes a workout regimen, mindset reminders and access to group support through monthly group coaching sessions and a Facebook Group.

Your specific struggle dictates the program you receive. If you’re depressed, you’ll get a different program than if you’re stressed and anxious. It’s all personalized by group, and other people in your group will be working on the same goal with you.

With track-specific Facebook Groups and monthly Group Coaching Sessions, we can work toward the goal of feeling better–inside and out–together.

Everyone who comes to a Strong Inside Out Tour event gets free access to the platform for a month!

Don’t worry: if you can’t make it out to an event, you can still rise with us. The Strong Inside Out Bootcamp is available for purchase through this link.

I’ve found that people are more successful in my programs when they are going through the work with others. We are all here, fighting for what’s important to us. We don’t need to do this alone.

Let’s sweat out the struggle together.

The Cause

Each class benefits the charity that's constantly on the front lines of suicide prevention.

To Write Love On Her Arms is the nonprofit that we wish existed when we were in high school. They provide help and hope to those who struggle with depression, self-injury, substance abuse and suicide.

TWLOHA makes asking for help cool, especially in the eyes of teens and young adults (who are often scared to reach out due to social stigmas). Before TWLOHA, it seemed like it was adults who couldn’t relate to our situation talking at us. With TWLOHA, there's now a trusted friend who understands us, offering hope and support as a peer, not a superior.